Autumn and winter dating makeup

Finish picture:

mz2Makeup step:

Draw a nice bloody makeup

STEP1: Apply a pink makeup lotion to the cheeks, then use your fingers to evenly open.

STEP2: Apply a moisturizing liquid foundation to the entire face with a foundation brush, and apply it from a large area to a small area.



Dark circles, oil-absorbing makeup

STEP3: Use a concealer that is brighter than the skin tone to point at the tear groove, and then evenly open to cover the dark circles.

STEP4: Use a puff to pick up a light powder, then pat the entire face so that the skin will be transparent.






Draw eyebrows after painting

STEP5: Draw a brow shape with a brown eyebrow pencil. Don’t draw too wide, and the eyebrows should be smooth.

STEP6: Dye the eyebrows with a light brown eyebrow cream, taking care not to agglomerate.


Light pink eyeshadow base, painted peach eye shadow

STEP7: Apply a pearly pale pink eye shadow to the upper eyelid and brush it 4-5 times.

STEP8: Apply pearlescent peach eyeshadow to the double eyelid folds and smudge it upwards.



Painted brown eyeliner

STEP9: Continue to apply the peach eye shadow to the lower eyelid. The width is about 6mm. The more you apply it, the smaller it will be.

STEP10: Draw the eyeliner with a brown eyeliner, and draw the inner eyeliner. The gap between the eyelashes should also be filled.

Draw eyeliner and lower eyeliner

STEP11: Use a brown eyeliner to horizontally stretch 25px to the blue dot at the red dot position.

STEP12: Continue the eyeliner under the brown eyeliner stroke, only draw the second half, and do not draw the inner eyeliner.


Brush thick eyelashes, brush blush

STEP13: After clamping the eyelashes, carefully apply the thick black mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes.

STEP14: Sweep the coral blush across the position directly below the eye in a zigzag pattern.


Brush apple muscle, apply lip gloss

STEP15: Sweep pink blush in a circle in the position of the apple muscle.

STEP16: Apply a pink lip gloss to the center of the lips, then smudge it with your fingers.

STEP17: Use a lip brush to apply a transparent nude lip gloss to the entire lip, and the entire makeup is complete.