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Violet leaves are heart-shaped, the flowers are very beautiful, the fragrance is nourishing.The flower language of Violet represents pure love, eternal beauty, and noble virtue.

Our Violet website is dedicated to providing women with stylish classic clothing and jewelry and related information.Because for us, you are always so beautiful, you are the love we want to be careful.We hope that you can be the happiest woman.

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Napoleon and Violet



Napoleon loved the violet. His followers used it as a sign of the Napoleonic faction, believing that it would bring success and happiness to the frustrated monarch.This is the violet.


On March 20, 1815, when Violet opened the first flowers in the south of France, Napoleon managed to escape from Elba Island and return to his admirers. When they greeted him, they kept shouting: “Welcome to you, the father of Violet!” At this time, people held violets in their hands and inserted violets on their heads. All the shops, public buildings and even the households were decorated with violets. I hope that this spring flower will bring them good luck and let Napoleon regain power in Europe. Unfortunately, this happy period did not last long.


On June 22, Napoleon was forced to announce the abandonment of the throne and pass it on to the younger son Napoleon. However, the crown prince did not inherit his father’s ambition and greatness: he did not accept the throne, but went to the court of his grandfather, the Austrian emperor Franz I, to live a leisurely day. After Napoleon lost the throne, a week before being escorted to St. Helen’s Island, he suddenly remembered Josephine’s old feelings. He went to Malimining Castle for the last time to sweep the grave for her, and planted a cluster of precious flowers all year round. Violet.




After Napoleon’s death, people found two things in the golden jewelry box he had never left: two withered violets and a light chestnut hair. The latter is the hair of his beloved son, and the former is his affair with Josephine.

Violet Greek legend


According to the Greek mythology, the goddess Venus, who is in charge of love and beauty, travels because of her lover, and she is farewell to it.


The tears of crystal clear tears fall on the soil. In the spring of the next year, she sprouts her branches and blossoms with beautiful and aromatic flowers. This is the violet.


Violet is a symbol of fertility in ancient Greece, and Athens uses it as a mark on the badge.

The legend of violets and little girls



Galileo had a naughty little neighbor. She always ran quietly to Galileo’s house. Galileo had just invented the telescope. Everyone was curious, and the little girl. She often uses telescopes to look at the stars, mountains, and pedestrians on the street.

One night, when she looked at the stars with a telescope, she saw a white-haired grandfather living on the moon. He was very lonely. He always went to see the stars alone. How cold the moon is, the grandfather is always a The man was sitting in front of the hut and looked very poor. The little girl is very kind, but the moon is too far away from the earth. She can’t cross this distance, even if she only talks with her grandfather. Therefore, her days after school every day are all at home to observe the grandfather’s every move.



After a long time, she couldn’t think of any good way. Christmas is coming, she received a Christmas gift from Galileo—a delicate new telescope. For a moment she thought of a way to tie the Christmas gift with a balloon to the lonely grandfather. The grandfather was very happy with the telescope and saw the little girl on the earth. They often say hello, the grandfather has a little girl’s smile every day is very happy, but life and death can not be crossed.

The old grandfather finally went to heaven. The little girl could no longer see the grandfather. She was so sad that on the night of the meteor, she cried and made a wish, praying that the grandfather could be happy in another world. The tears on the ground all turned into violet agate.

The story is a portrayal of all beautiful wishes, and I hope that every beautiful story will comfort the good people.


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